Our team combines decades of oncology drug discovery and development expertise, life science business acumen and Wall Street knowledge to add both scientific insight and valuable strategic perspective to address metastasis, save lives and create a sustainable commercialization product pipeline.


​Michael Dudley

Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder

Anna Moore, PhD

Professor of Radiology and Physiology; Director, Precision Health Program and Assistant Dean
College of Human Medicine at Michigan State University

Zdravka Medarova, PhD

Drug Discovery, Co-Founder
Co-Founder, Associate Professor of Radiology
Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital

Thomas Fitzgerald, MBA

Chief Financial Officer

Philippe P. Calais, PhD

Former CEO Isarna Therapeutics B.V.

Oliver Steinbach, PhD

Vice President, Research & Development
Former Senior Director of Clinical Research; Strategy and Innovation


Keith Flaherty, MD

Director of Termeer Center for Targeted Therapy
Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center

Richard Peters, MD, PhD

President and CEO, Director
Merrimack Pharmaceuticals

George Calin, MD, PhD

Professor, Department of Experimental Therapeutics, Division of Cancer Medicine
MD Anderson Cancer Center
Raghu Kalluri

Raghu Kalluri, MD, PhD

Chairman and Professor, Department of Cancer Biology; Director, Metastasis Research Center
MD Anderson Cancer Center

John B. Henneman III, JD

Former Chief Financial Officer
NewLink Genetics

Carlo Croce, MD

Professor and Chair, Department of Molecular Virology, Immunology and Medical Genetics
The Ohio State University Cancer Center

Dmitry Samarsky, PhD

Chief Technology Officer

Alan Freidman

Investor Relations
Betsabeh Madani

Betsabeh M Hermann, MBA, MEng

Entrepreneur in Residence
Innovation Blvd